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XERA SOLAR Charger Kit.

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XERA SOLAR Charger Kit, Flexible Solar Panel, Solar Energy

XERA SOLAR Charger Kit.
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Product Description

XeraSolar Battery Charger kits offer affordable, green energy for your golf cart, boat, RV, or other battery operated applications. Our battery charger kits are light, efficient, and have a “Plug & Go” installation that will charge your batteries for years to come. Energy cost and cost of batteries are increasing every year. Adding XeraSolar battery charging kit to your vehicles battery, will allow you to charge on the go, save money from your electric bill, extend the life of your battery and prevent your batteries from going dead. The XeraSolar battery charger controllers include built-in blocking diodes to prevent discharge at night or while not being used. XeraSolar Battery Charging Kits will work in any condition of light. Kits come with a charger controller, extra connectors and wires.You can start harvesting clean energy with an affordable XeraSolar charger kit

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  • Comes with everything you need.
  • • Flexible up 30 degrees for easy installation and to make it durable on moving vehicles. • Completely weatherproof panels and comes with all the wires, plugs, charge controller, battery clamps and 4 pre-cut holes for mounting. • Even works in low light and cloudy conditions! • Units are self-regulated, meaning they will never over charge your batteries, built-in blocking diodes prevent discharging. Simply plug them in and they begin working immediately with no maintenance • Clean and quiet operation

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