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4.0 out of 5 stars Close enough to the U.S. Edition for most purposes, January 13, 2015
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Since this version of the book is for the Indian market, I was a bit worried about the potential differences from the U.S. 3rd edition. But after doing a first-hand comparison, I found a LOT more similarities than differences.

The biggest difference is the absence of the last two chapters. The U.S. edition includes: Chapter 26, "Philosophical Foundations", which covers arguments over consciousness in machines and the possibility of robot uprisings; and Chapter 27, "AI: The Present and Future", which *briefly* describes some things AI researchers need to work on before we can build a "general-purpose intelligent agent" (a.k.a. one single AI that will be good enough at a lot of different tasks). These two chapters are interesting, but I wouldn't call them core material, so I'm not surprised they got left out.

Other than that, the differences are astonishingly minor. The chapters are unnumbered, and some of them swapped places for no reason, but all the content from... Read more
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2.0 out of 5 stars Great book, terrible Kindle conversion, September 18, 2011
Sean Walker (Sacramento, CA United States) - See all my reviews
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This is an excellent book however I cannot recommend purchasing the Kindle version of this text. It is atrocious. There are subject headings inserted after the subject is spoken about and, quite often, many heading stacked up on top of each other taking up almost an entire page with useless titles that are in the wrong order anyway. There are no page numbers, which is unacceptable for a text that is used by many college AI programs across the country. There are tons of hyphenation errors. The delineations between figure notes and the text are almost imperceptible so it is difficult to tell what text goes where. In general it is difficult to read and navigate due to this horrible Kindle conversion.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Good book, but the Kindle version still needs some work., March 6, 2015
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As a textbook, it's fine. It covers a wide range of concepts and topics in the field of artificial intelligence and is a good resource to have around.
My rating is mainly based on the state of the Kindle version. There are some issues I have with it that keep me from enjoying it further.

The biggest problem is the overall format. Pages aren't just digital versions of the physical pages in the real book. They're broken up into thousands of screenshot-like segments. You can't scroll "up to the top of a page" or "down to the bottom" because each page segment is only as big as your screen. This would be fine if it were a much smaller book. My tablet counts 33,261 page segments when I use it, so you can see how this might be cumbersome for such a large book.

The effect of the above problem could be reduced a bit if the table of contents were complete. As it is, the table of contents is very limited in what section it allows you to "jump"... Read more
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