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3.0 out of 5 stars Unique camera that you'll want to get if you want to make sure to capture everything that is going on around you., August 25, 2016
Daviangel (Monterey CA)
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If you want to jump into the world of VR this camera will give you a taste of it.
With VR (Virtual Reality) getting popular lately this camera will excite those that are looking to create their own VR movies.
- no stitching of images thus no seams or strange missing parts like competitors
- waterproof so no need to buy separate housing
- compatible with GoPro mounts and other accessories so if you already own them you can use them with this without extra cost
- standard tripod socket so if all you have is that can use that instead
- is very tiny so can record everything around you without attracting much attention
- feels rugged and tough and has taken quite a bit of abuse and shock without breaking
- can still be used without smartphone or another remote device but will be limited in controlling it
- can double as a POV camera instead of 360 if you want
- can control exposure, speed, color, brightness and various other... Read more

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5.0 out of 5 stars After several months review (Updated 06-19-17), February 17, 2017
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I've had this baby since January of this year (2017) and I've had lots of time to record with it. I like that you can just set it and forget about it without having to chase people around to get the perfect shot. This camera does it all but sometimes you get that fish eye effect that makes certain parts of the body seem larger than others but that can be adjusted by changing the position of the camera to a better location.

The resolution is very good and the microphone has a good recording but I've had several issues.
1) When the memory gets full I need to download it to my PC so that I can continue recording (Update 06-19-17). The latest update solved problems and it's nice to have the option to connect to the PC for continuous recording without having to download the videos every time the memory in the camera gets full.
2) The camera used to stop recording randomly but the latest update fixed that (Updated 06-19-17)
3) Whenever I download the videos to the... Read more

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2.0 out of 5 stars The technology is pretty cool, and when I was able to get ..., August 29, 2016
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The technology is pretty cool, and when I was able to get a video to view the quality was pretty good for a "fish-eye". What I DO NOT LIKE about this camera is 1) the software is pretty proprietary, 2) in order to view your video, you have to download it to your account on the app (desktop or mobile), 3) THE MAXIMUM SIZE FOR A DOWNLOAD IS 2GB so your video is relatively short, 4) the camera DOES NOT WARN you in ANY way that you're going to exceed the maximum download size, 5) or even better, split the video at the 2GB mark for you as you're recording so your video can be more seamless.

Do not think that you'll be videoing a wedding, which is what I bought the camera for, WAY too long.

By the time I was able to figure all this out, download the video's to my computer, in the hopes I could split the videos, upload them and then view them the way they were intended, I was too late to return it. For $500 I would expect a little bit better overall product.

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