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1.0 out of 5 stars HEALTH & SAFETY HAZARD, April 30, 2015
4th Corner Eater
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First, Amazon has lumped together all reviews for all products made by this manufacturer, which prevents us - the consumers who trust this customer rating system - from making good decisions. Notice that all the 4 & 5 stars are either clearly manufacturer-planted reviews (non-verified purchaser recommending other products by name) or reviews of products that are NOT lava lamps (such as the "tornado" and "glitter" lamps made by the Lava Lite company that appear - on the basis of reviews - to actually work). Virtually all of the reviews of this product - lava lamps with the moving wax - have 1 & 2 stars, with people repeatedly reporting even replacements not to work. The overall rating for this product is skewed by Amazon wrongly lumping all of these products, so that we are given the false impression that a clearly defective product functions.

Second, and more importantly, please see the photo below (don't know why it is sideways): I carefully followed all... Read more

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1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointed with a cloudy lamp, May 18, 2016
Chad Johnson (WV)
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I recently had an older lava lamp I had purchased give out on me and decided to get one to replace it. I'm a bit disappointed with what showed up at my door. I received one that has cloudy water when it should be clear. I've never had one arrive cloudy before, so it's a bit disheartening. See the black wax lamp in my picture.

I look forward to the replacement coming and hope that I can change this review to say I received a good product.

EDIT: Okay, so I received the second one. It too is CLOUDY! The seller should change the title of this item from Lava Lite 2116 14.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Lava Lamp, Black Wax/Clear Lava Lite 2116 14.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Lava Lamp, Black Wax/CLOUDY Liquid. Seriously, I understood one lamp, but two!? I lowered my score just because of this incompetence, add to the fact that the packaging on this lamp was allowing the lamp to slam around within the box (no bubble wrap to protect it or keep it... Read more

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3.0 out of 5 stars Liquid faded after less than 3 months, October 20, 2015
Darth Ulf (North Hollywood, CA)
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It was a lovely lava lamp, until the purple liquid faded and turned yellowish clear. Now instead of having a lava lamp with purple liquid and yellow lava, the whole thing is yellow... :/ And of course it happened less than 3 months after purchase, but too late to return.

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