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5.0 out of 5 stars Mind you I have also worn it in some pretty extreme work environments, February 10, 2016
Richard (Florida)
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I bought this ring several years ago. I never has any complaints. Unlike some purchasers I have never had the issue with the cords coming out. Mind you I have also worn it in some pretty extreme work environments. I never left a review on it until now because I always thought the other reviews did the ring justice. However I had something happen in the past month that really impacted me and this ring (literally).

I work for the Army and deal with very heavy item on a daily basis. I was working on some equipment just a few weeks ago. I have a 200lbs weapon system drop from about 1 food above my hand. If it where not for this rings solid build, great craftsmanship, and material used I would have lost several fingers. The object landed directly on top of the ring and my hand was laying flat on a metal surface. The ring took the entire impact instead of my fingers which would have most surely been taken off from the edge that hit the ring. All that was damaged on the ring was... Read more

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4.0 out of 5 stars Looks good, runs a little large but is a steal for what it is!, April 17, 2017
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My husband is a logger and this ring is perfect for him! When purchasing rings for eachother, we decided that with how careless he can be, we'd just get him a cheap wedding ring that we can buy a hundred times over again instead of an expensive one that he'd probably just lose. I bought him a size 10.5 ring and it was a little big on him, so we purchased a size 10 which fit a bit better. We eventually switched the 10.5 ring for a size 9.5 and it fits perfect, even though he's a size 10.5 when using a ring measuring device. One of the cables came out after about 3-4 weeks of him wearing it consistently, but mind you he was farming, cutting wood, and doing many other activities that the ring held up through with flying colors. Overall, wonderful purchase, will probably be buying more over the future...Lol

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5.0 out of 5 stars great ring with amazing durability., January 12, 2015
brandon williams
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Ive had this ring now for almost a year. My wife got it for me as a replacement for my original wedding bands replacement.... yeah. Gone through a ring every year...
The other rings were $100-200+, we said if their just going to keep nreaking, dont spend a lot. And by far this is the best one! Its got its scratches, dropped, slammed, hit with a hammer.... and still rock solid.
Not to mention i love that the ring fits my personality as "the cable man".

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