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TALON2 2KW Home Wind Turbine System Grid-Tied

Product Description

TALON2 2KW Home Wind Turbine System Grid-Tied
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Product Description

This generator produces 2kw at 20 mph wind speed with a maxium output of 2.4 kw at 25 mph. The generated power is feed back to the grid for net metering or get payback by power company. Based on the actual installation, this powerful wind turbine can significantly reduce your carbon trace by cutting or eliminating your electricity bill. This solution is applicable for homes, cabines, or small business which want to promote green awareness around your communities. The equipments in this listing includes generator assembly, rectifier box, inverter and mono tower.

Product Details

  • Start up at 4.5mph, kick in at 8.5mph, rated at 20mph and safe wind speed 112mph. Peak power 2.4kw.
  • Reinforced fiber glass blades. Rotor diameter 13 feet. The tower is included as well as installation instructions.
  • Applicable for grid-tied applications.
  • Reduce your electricity bill in half or eliminate your electricity bill.
  • CE and UL listed and ISO 9001 certified. 5 Year Warranty

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