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Sci Fi Science: Seasons 1 & 2 by Michio Kaku, Ron Walsworth

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Episode (1) How To Build A Light Saber: Harvard University’s Dr. Ron Walsworth uses cutting edge science and existing technology to show how we could build the most popular movie weapon ever.
(2) How To Blow Up a Planet: Could a real life death star ever actually be built? Dr. Michio Kaku believes that an advanced civilization might be able to manipulate ray bursters and beam destruction onto whatever planet they liked.
(3) How to Build A Force Field: Dr. Michio Kaku reveals how to build a real life deflector shield using components from cutting-edge experiments and theoretical physics.
(4) How To Build A Sci-fi Robot: Learn how artificial intelligence is becoming reality.
(5) How To Build a Starship: Dr. Michio Kaku sets out to design a craft that really can travel to the stars. He fires up Princeton University’s plasma engine and visits the world’s largest vacuum chamber at NASA’s Plumbrook space facility. (6) How To Explore the Universe: Dr. Michio Kaku visits Brookhaven National laboratory’s atom smasher where particles are accelerated to near light speed. Professor Miguel Alcubierre explains how Star Trek provided inspiration for a breakthrough equation showing how a spacecraft could travel at warp speed.
(7) How To Travel to a Parallel Universe: MIT cosmologist Alan Guth explains his recipe for creating your own universe in the lab.
(8) How To Become a Superhero: New technologies are rocketing superhero powers off the pages of comic books and into the real world.
(9) How To Teleport: Teleportation is already taking place on an atomic level at the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland.
(10) How To Travel Through Time: Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, the first man to spend more than a thousand hours in space, explains why the effects of time dilation make him a time traveler. Dr. J. Richard Gott at Princeton came up with a theory for time travel that uses cosmic strings-gargantuan threads of primordial energy that are left over from the big bang.
(11) How To Become Invisible: Dr. Michio Kaku visits Japan where he tests out an optical camouflage cloak and meets its inventor, Professor Susumu Tachi.
(12) How To Build a Flying Saucer: Meet cosmologist Alan Guth who believes that out in deep space we may one day find exotic monopole magnets. If he’s right – our skies could be full of flying saucers.

(1) Earth 2.0: Dr. Is it possible to transform a neighboring Planet into a second Earth? Space scientist Geoff Landis demonstrates how we could build floating cities in the gaseous atmosphere of Venus.
(2) Galactic Colonization: Dr. Michio Kaku shows how the colonization of the galaxy could become reality.
(3) Deep Impact: 90% of the rocks in space are big enough to destroy civilization. To deal with the multiple threats, Dr. Kaku designs a laser equipped system to zap the space rocks before they hit us.
(4) A New Solar System: Dr. Michio Kaku meets Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institute who identifies 47 Ursae Majoris as our nearest suitable star, where a new solar system can be constructed.
(5) Alien Invasion: Dr. Michio Kaku explores what would we really do if a hostile alien race were intent on invading the Earth.
(6) First Contact: Do aliens really exist? Dr. Michio Kaku thinks so. Find out how can he be so sure.
(7) Destroy the Death Star: Dr. Michio Kaku talks swarm tactics with top gun pilot Colonel Rod Zastrow, who flew an F15 in the Gulf War, and reveals the truth about dogfights in space.
(8) Black Hole Odyssey: Dr. Michio Kaku aims to sort fact from fiction and work out how to travel through a black hole and survive.
(9) A.I. Uprising: We’re fast approaching the moment when machines will be smarter than we are.
(10) Cyborg Army: Could we one day build our own army of superhuman cyborgs to protect us from extraterrestrial threats? Find out how.
(11) Holodeck: Seth Goldstein at Carnegie Mellon explains how programmable matter will mean objects can shape-shift at the touch of a button.
(12) Shapeshifting Transformer: Dr. Michio Kaku is on a quest to build a real life shapeshifting Transformer. While doing so, he puts the finishing touches to his very own version of Optimus Prime.

Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1 & 2
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Science fiction isn’t just for the movies! Cyborgs, shape shifting, the colonization of space and tons more really are possible. Join Dr. Michio Kaku on a quest to discover the science behind the sci fi and find out how to bring your favorite futuristic tech to life.

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