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NeuroSky MindWave Mobile with MyndPlay

Product Description

MyndPlay with MindWave Mobile
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Product Description

Designed in Silicon Valley by NeuroSky, the world’s leading innovator in brainwave technology, MindWave Mobile is an EEG headset that safely measures your brainwaves as you interact with your computer or mobile device (iOS and Android). With over 100 different brain-training games and educational apps available on the NeuroSky app store, there are many options to choose from based on your age and personal interests. In this package, MindWave Mobile is bundled with MyndPlay, the world’s first mind-controlled video application that puts YOU in control of your own movie experience. Similar to Edward Packard’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” game books, MyndPlay allows you to determine the outcome of a movie simply by focusing or relaxing at key moments in the plot! Overview The MindWave Mobile safely measures and outputs the EEG power spectrums (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), NeuroSky eSense meters (attention and meditation) and eye blinks. The device consists of a headset, an ear-clip, and a sensor arm. The headset’s reference and ground electrodes are on the ear clip and the EEG electrode is on the sensor arm, resting on the forehead above the eye (FP1 position). The headset transfers data via Bluetooth to wirelessly communicate with your computer (Mac and PC) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Apps included: Brainwave Visualizer, Man.Up, ZombiePop, Meditation Journal, MindWave Tutorial. You can also write your own programs to interact with MindWave Mobile by using our free development tools (available online). Note: The MindWave Mobile does not contain a separate Bluetooth-Dongle. Batteries are not included with headset.There’re two discs in Myndplay package. BSK disc in the box, Myndplay disc on the sleeve.

Product Details

  • Learn about your brainwaves, train your meditation, and develop your own applications with the MindWave Mobile Brainwave Headset
  • Safely measures brainwaves as you interact with your computer or mobile device. Designed in Silicon Valley.Monitor your levels of attention and relaxation
  • Over 100 brain-training and educational apps available at NeuroSky’s app store. Supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Features MyndPlay, an interactive movie application that incorporates the power of your mind!
  • This device is not intended for medical purposes.

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