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Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series (Liquid Cool Book 1)

Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series (Liquid Cool Book 1) Picture
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Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series (Liquid Cool Book 1)
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Liquid Cool is the action-packed and funny, debut cyberpunk detective series!It’s cyberpunk reimagined–science fiction meets the detective thriller in an ever-rainy world of colossal skyscrapers. Hovercars fly above in the dark, bustling skies and gray people walk below on the grimy, flashy streets of this “neon jungle.” Metropolis isn’t a bad place, but it isn’t a good one either. Uber-governments and megacorporations fight for control of the supercity, but so does crime.So watch out for tech-tricksters, analog hustlers, and digital gangsters–psychos, samurais, and cyborgs aplenty–they may want your money, or your life, more than you do.Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.


BONUS! Paperback now also includes the Liquid Cool Prequel: These Mean Streets, Darkly as the prologue!

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