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Genomics: Essential Methods by Mike Starkey

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Genomics: Essential Methods
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Genomics research has made significant advances in recent years. Inthis book, a team of internationally-renowned researchers share themost up-to-date information in a field that has in recent yearsswitched emphasis from gene identification to functional genomicsand the characterization of genes and gene products. This volumeapproaches this complex subject with a broad perspective to supplythe reader with a vital overview of genomics and its derivativefields, with a focus on pivotal issues such as data analysis.Expansive and current, this book is a comprehensiveresearch guide that describes both the key new techniques and moreestablished methods. Every chapter discusses the merits andlimitations of the various approaches and then provides selectedtried-and-tested protocols, as well as a plethora of good practicaladvice for immediate use at the bench.

Key features:

  • Provides a broad introduction to current practices andtechniques for lab-based research in genomics
  • Explains clearly and precisely how to carry out selectedtechniques in addition to background information on the variousapproaches
  • Chapters are written by a leading international authorities inthe field and cover both well-known and new, tried and tested,methods for working in genomics
  • Includes troubleshooting guide and reviews of alternativetechniques
  • An essential laboratory manual for students and researchers atall levels

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