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Unicolor Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit, Front Open (Blue)

Product Description

Unicolor Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit, Front Open (Small, Blue)
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Product Description

This unicolor shiny metallic catsuit is made of shiny spandex, shiny and good at stretch. It is front open design, without hood, hands and feet, exclude boots, with long sleeve and long leg.

Small – height: 5’1″ – 5’4″, weight: 88lbs – 110lbs
Medium – height: 5’4″ – 5’7″, weight: 110lbs – 132lbs
Large – height: 5’7″-5’10”, weight: 132lbs-155lbs
X-Large – height: 5’10”-6’1″, weight: 155lbs-177lbs

XX-Large – height: 6’1″-6’5″, weight: 177lbs-200lbs

When ordering, we recommend you choose your size based on your height. If you feel you exceed the weight range then you may want to go up in size.

Zentai is a tight-fitting catsuit made of stretchy lycra spandex fabric that covers the entire body, also the face. Zentai comes most likely from japanese word Zenshin Taitsu, that means “full-body tights”.

How to breath? Since Zentai is made of fabric and not for example latex, you can breathe trough the mask quite easily. The basic shiny zentai suit is often made of nylon/lycra blend, a similiar fabric to what is used for swimming suits and bike shorts.

How to see? You can see while wearing a zentai, enough to do simple tasks. The quality of vision is relative to the thickness and colour of the fabric. Generally speaking dark colours gives you better vision.

How to get into? The basic zentai has a zipper in the back. So you can easily get into your zentai suit. And you can select “crotch zipper” option.

We are established in 2003, to provide zentai suits for worldwide customers. We are the largest manufactory in China. We use USPS service to ship your package.

Product Details

  • Made of shiny metallic spandex.
  • To be covered from neck to ankle.
  • It is unisex, suitable for male or female.
  • There is a zipper at the front.
  • Only the one-piece bodysuit.

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Futuristic Clothing, Unicolor Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit, Front Open (Blue), Future Girl, Futuristic Style, Azure, Future Girl

Futuristic Clothing, Unicolor Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit, Front Open (Blue), Future Girl, Futuristic Style, Azure, Future Girl

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