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FLIR First Mate HM-224 Handheld Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera, Black/Yellow

Product Description

FLIR First Mate HM-224 Handheld Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera, Black/Yellow
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Product Description

FLIR is the world leader in Thermal Imaging. FLIR thermal imagers are affordable, high quality, and ideal for maritime use. They give boaters the power to see where they are going at night – staying safer than ever before – and navigating with confidence. Not a replacement for GPS and radar, thermal imagers complement these systems, filling in the holes and giving you true 24-hour vision. See clearly in total darkness – unlike other night vision systems, First Mate requires no light at all. See logs, rocks, land and other hazards that radar can miss. With the First Mate you can see a small vessel up to 1.3 miles away (XP+ model). First Mate can help see people in the water better than any otehr night vision technology. Finding someone in the water after dark with a searchlight is more a matter of luck than skill, but First Mate lets you search large areas quickly. Bottom line: there is no better tool around to help you find a person in the water. With the First mate you can see a man overboard up to 2,500 away (XP+ model). Use the First Mate anywhere you need to see at night. Because the First Mate is not permantly mounted to a vessel you can take it anywhere you need see clearly after dark. You can also use the First Mate for home security and watching wildlife. IP67 Submersible. All First Mate products float. Toggle between white hot and black hot. 24′ x 18′ (NTSC) Field of View. Built in LCD Display. Adjust display brightness. Lightwieght 1.45 lbs. Supplied with 4 AA NiMH Batteries. Also works with Li-ion or Alkaline. 5 Hours operating time on NiMH batteries. 120 hours standby time on NiMH batteries. Contact an applications expert at 877-773-3547.

Product Details

  • Handheld maritime camera with thermal night vision technology
  • Detects tiny changes in heat and turns them into easy-to-interpret images
  • Lets you see clearer and farther than ever before in complete darkness
  • Fully submersible, waterproof enclosure; runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Measures 9.36 x 2.62 x 3.33 inches (W x H x D); weighs 1.45 pounds

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