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Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology by Gustavo Caetano-Anollés

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Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology
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A comprehensive, authoritative look at an emergent area inpost-genomic science, Evolutionary genomics is an up-and-coming,complex field that attempts to explain the biocomplexity of theliving world. Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology isthe first full-length book to blend established and emergingconcepts in bioinformatics, evolution, genomics, and structuralbiology, with the integrative views of network and systems biology.

Three key aspects of evolutionary genomics and systems biologyare covered in clear detail: the study of genomic history, i.e.,understanding organismal evolution at the genomic level; the studyof macromolecular complements, which encompasses the evolution ofthe protein and RNA machinery that propels life; and theevolutionary and dynamic study of wiringdiagrams—macromolecular components in interaction—inthe context of genomic complements. The book also features:

  • A solid, comprehensive treatment of phylogenomics, theevolution of genomes, and the evolution of biological networks,within the framework of systems biology
  • A special section on RNA biology—translation, evolutionof structure, and micro RNA and regulation of gene expression
  • Chapters on the mapping of genotypes to phenotypes, the role ofinformation in biology, protein architecture and biologicalfunction, chromosomal rearrangements, and biological networks anddisease
  • Contributions by leading authorities on each topic

Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology is an idealbook for students and professionals in genomics, bioinformatics,evolution, structural biology, complexity, origins of life,systematic biology, and organismal diversity, as well as thoseindividuals interested in aspects of biological sciences as theyinterface with chemistry, physics, and computer science andengineering.

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