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System Shock 2 - PC
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Product Description

It’s the future, of course, and you’re stationed aboard the spaceship Van Braun, waiting for your first soldiering assignment. Luckily, the future resembles the best of science fiction from the last 10 years–something plucked from Blade Runner with pieces from the The Fifth Element (only with an AI-enabled computer/self-proclaimed goddess running the show).

The universe is run by unbelievably huge corporations, and in one of the biggest (TriOptimum), a hacker is breaking the rules. The result is SHODAN, a supercomputer whose beautiful, eerie face glimmers from the box’s cover. The engine used for Thief: The Dark Project, ensures that System Shock 2 hums along on systems with the basic requirements.

With a superior plot and engaging, Asian-inspired aesthetics, System Shock 2 is a visceral, visual treat of a first-person role-playing game. All the devices that in theory seem stale and stupid come to life in this game. It’s as if you could go back to the 1970s and take a vision of what the future would look like–and make it believable and cool. All the whirs and beeps and pulsing noises sound realistic. In addition, the designers have added in all the creepy elements we never wanted to have come true–such as the voiceovers that greet you when you’re at the airport–only in this case, you’re visiting the training sessions held by the United National Nominate.

Suffice it to say, the future of humankind is in your hands. With an excellent supporting cast and well-realized sci-fi visuals, System Shock 2 offers insight into an amazing new world order. –Jennifer Buckendorff

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