HomeBooksCRISPR GERMLINE ALTERATION : De-Extinction Research ,CRISPR/cas9, Designer babies and Gene editing (ZFN, TALEN,Life extension of Reverse aging ): IMPACT ON HUMAN CIVILIZATION

CRISPR GERMLINE ALTERATION : De-Extinction Research ,CRISPR/cas9, Designer babies and Gene editing (ZFN, TALEN,Life extension of Reverse aging ): IMPACT ON HUMAN CIVILIZATION

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CRISPR GERMLINE ALTERATION : De-Extinction Research,CRISPR/cas9, Designer babies and Gene editing (ZFN, TALEN,Life extension of Reverse aging): IMPACT ON HUMAN CIVILIZATION
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At the very depths of an organism, we have the life.The hitherto unbreakable mechanism of gene interaction has been snipped apart by the revolutionary technique known as CRISPR. In this book, “CRISPR Germline Alteration and Impact on Human Civilization” ,we will uncover the emerging field of genetic modification and see changes that will fashion our lifestyle in the next few years. Humans perform activity through the energy functions performed within the cells. Through simple changes, we can increase the flow of energy, just by augmenting the work function of one particular gene. We are caught up in the awesomeness of the moment, just as our fathers were, when they first witnessed the fantastic power of the steam engine. And believe me, CRISPR is very powerful indeed. To see how much the emerging technology will affect human relationship, one has to learn why bacteria and virus function in a similar manner to ordinary cells in the body of an organism. CRISPR lies at the very crux between creation and destruction of life. When facing danger, the bacteria cells invoke a special defense mechanism. By studying the working of the DNA within the cells, scientists have successfully established methods to change the manifestation of the organism To witness the progressing face of technology and be a part of the culture of tomorrow, read on. This book “CRISPR Germline Alteration and Impact on Human Cilivization” will lead you through the smallest of small cells towards those DNA strands that matter — the Cas9 proteins.

Modifying crops and creating new pathways in medicine mark the transition which will forever change the human perception and lifestyle. For this we look at the bacteria and the way animals are related to them at the cellular level.

Read about the news of genes and the developments that have come about since the scientists cracked the CRISPR code. Learn about the leaders in the field and how they modified the scheme of things.

We learn about diseases and the changes that make it possible to deal with them. We study the many methods used to make human life more interesting and pleasurable. The different delivery methods and equipment needed to set up your own laboratory is explained.

Researchers are engaged in bringing extinct animals to life. Soon mammoths will once again roam the planet. In the process, you will also read about turning off genes that cause disease. We dwell on the prospect of bioterrorism that now seems a distinct possibility. Come join us in a different world, the world where life forms and is changed.

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Dr. Kathy Panoutsos, M.D has been involved with Healthcare, Beauty, Relationships and Fashion industry for almost a decade. She has researched fashion, healthcare and beauty in deepest sense. Due to her passion in health and well being, she has written on Yoga, Acne, Diet and Human relationships. She writes for all ages and uplifts the spirit of younger women. She loves to teach, travel and connect with all age groups. She loves to connect with readers.

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