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Jobocalypse: The End of Human Jobs and How Robots will Replace Them by Ben Way

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Jobocalypse: The End of Human Jobs and How Robots will Replace Them
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Is your job in danger of getting replaced by robots?

Jobocalypse is a look at the rapidly changing face of robotics and how it will revolutionize employment and jobs over the next thirty years. Ben Way lays out the arguments in favor of and against the mechanization of our society, as well as the amazing advantages and untold risks, as we march into this ever-present future.

Each entertaining chapter covers the past, present and future of robotic technology, from sex bots to military killing drones, in an easy to understand way.

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“A fascinating look into the future of robotics and their impact on humanity, be prepared to question when robots will replace you” – Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading

“The future of work is changing thanks to a variety of things like 3D printing, open source software, and robots. Ben Way has a front-row seat on these huge changes and what they mean for both rich and poor workers. Yes, the robots may take our jobs, but who will build the robots? This book will tell you.” – Robert Scoble, Technology Evangelist

Chapter 1: The future, backed up
Chapter 2: Odd jobs
Chapter 3: Adult industry and how to eject safely
Chapter 4: Logistics with hard drives
Chapter 5: Police, military and the rise of the machines
Chapter 6: Agriculture, mining and when bots get dirty
Chapter 7: Education and the baby bots
Chapter 8: Retail, drink and food with boozy bots
Chapter 9: Manufacturing and when robots build themselves
Chapter 10: Being probed, digital doctors and numeric nurses
Chapter 11: Entertainment and the funny bots
Chapter 12: Slavery 2.0 and when bots go wrong
Chapter 13: Robot humans and bionics
Chapter 14: Humans and the crumbs left for us

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