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i-Cine Hi-Res Head Mounted Display 800×600

Product Description

i-Cine Hi-Res Head Mounted Display 800x600
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Product Description

The Personal, Private, High Resolution Video Display! Imagine watching the latest movies on a large 76″ Screen from 11′ away on a device that weighs only 3.2 ounces – the i-Cine Hi-Res. The i-Cine Hi-Res (High Resolution) is the ideal solution for any video application. Play the latest games on your Playstation 3, X-Box 360 or Nintendo Wii in style. The i-Cine Hi-Res will also connect direclty to an iPod, Zune or Zen Vision. Spouse trying to sleep and you want to watch TV? Watch TV in your own private movie theater without disturbing your significant other! Wear it anytime, anywhere, sitting or lying down, enjoy the large, vibrant picture and pure portability!

Product Details

  • Unique optics design for safe and comfortable use
  • Auto change between NTSC/PAL signals
  • Direct connection to iPod Video, Zune or Zen Vision – just plug and play
  • Compatible with devices with an AV output such as Cable Boxes, DVD players, etc…
  • Battery can be FULLY charged within 2 hours via USB

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