HomeAlternative Energy235-Watt Solar Panel Charging Kit ; 1000-Watt Power Inverter, 20Amp Solar Charge Controller, 25Yrs Warranty on Solar Panel

235-Watt Solar Panel Charging Kit ; 1000-Watt Power Inverter, 20Amp Solar Charge Controller, 25Yrs Warranty on Solar Panel

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Solar Power Generator (New Model);280-watt Mono Solar Panel Charging Kit wtih Mounting Frame ; Foldable; 1000-watt Power Inverter, 30 Percent Fed Tax Credit
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Enjoy the electricity produced by pure solar energy. It is useful for normal use in home for lighting, TV, fans, micro oven,food processor,coffee maker, small refrigerator etc. It is also very appropriate for back-up power,cabins, rv recreational vehicles,boat, remote power, and 24-volt deep cycle battery (2 x12V in series) charging. The kit is complete and simple to assemble. Just put the solar panel on ground in the sun facing south using our ground mounting legs. For roof mounting ‘Z’ brackets, contact us for mounting the solar panel on your home roof or on rv roof or on yard.

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  • 250Watt Solar Panel Generates Solar Electricity and run your home with 1000Watt system
  • High Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Charging kit provides up to 250 Watts of Electricity, peak per hour
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit. Solar Panel has 25 years of warranty from naufacturer. Inverter with builit-in Charge Contoller has 1 year of warranty
  • Kit includes one 250W ,Plycrystalline, 1000-W Power Inverter (Peak 2000W) with bilit-in solar Solar Charge Controller, and 50 ft connection cables, Ground mounting rack, Contact us for roof mounting ‘Z’ brackets
  • Search PluggedSolar for our Plug’n play Energy Products of Your Choice. Expected production of 1000 Watt-hour on sunny day

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