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2057 / FutureCar by Michio Kaku, Mason Pettit, Jay Simon (Discovery Channel)

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2057 / FutureCar
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Experience the world 50 years into the future when amazing changes will make our day to day lives very different than the world we know. From custom-built bodily organs to flying cars to a space elevator to the stars, much of what was once only imagined in science fiction will become reality, thanks to today’s incredible scientific breakthroughs. Bonus Feature: FutureCar The car of the future will be much safer, easier to operate and better for the environment. With its computer “brain,” the car itself will drive, navigate and avoid accidents. Get a sneak peek at this high-tech model of efficiency and cutting-edge style Episodes: 2057 The Body: Custom-built organs from scratch? Robotic surgery? Intelligent clothing? Flying ambulances? Learn about today’s scientific medical breakthroughs that will extend our lives in the next fifty years. The City: Cars without drivers? Humanoid robots in every household? Learn how the cities of tomorrow will be shaped by today’s scientific breakthroughs. The World: An invisible soldier? A space elevator to the stars? Brand-new fuel sources? In just fifty years our entire world will change tremendously because of discoveries we can only imagine today.

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